E-Gift Card Processing Platform for Small Businesses

Easily create and manage E-gift cards for your business!

Smooth Pay

Accept credit and debit cards and more on any channel. From web to in-app as well as recurring payments.

Get up and running fast with three checkout integration options:

Process and Redeem E-Gift Cards Instantly In-Store

Increase Your In-Store Sales

A payment solution that pays for itself

Accept credit / Debit card payments and watch sales soar

  • In-store

    Customers simply purchase and redeem a E-Gift card in store

  • Redeem

    Allow customers to instantly redeem their E-Gift card for product or service

How to Get Started with Smooth Pay

Signing up with Smooth Pay is easy. Simply complete The Signup page and your business will be ready to accept payments.

Digital payment options, without a doubt, represent the future of the industry.

Give Your Customers the Freedom to Spend

Take your business to the next level with contactless, digital Credit Card payments.

Increase in Average Spend Per Order
Increase in Returning Online Customers
Easily track and manage payments in a dashboard customized for your business.
Boost sales with contactless Credit / Debit Card payments.

Today's customer would prefer to make a secure, contactless transaction from their mobile device. 

Is your business ready for payments?

Give customers the freedom to spend with contactless, digital payments built for your business.



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